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January 4th, 2007 by Author

Sildenafil is expected to be taken around 30-60 mins prior to having sex.

Lady Viagra is essentially the exact same medicine as routine Viagra for guys, as it contains the very same energetic ingredient - sildenafil.

When such a tab is dissolved under tongue, its energetic ingredient Sildenafil Citratethese soaks up in to the blood stream immediately and generates effect in 15 to 20 minutes (Viagra tablets usually start working in regarding an hour).

Lady Viagra is unexpected to cause ham to a coming youngster, there is not adequate information on whether this medication could pass in to bust milk.

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January 3rd, 2007 by Author

The outcome will be much better if you try having sex right when Sildenafil became efficient (after 45-60 minutes).

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January 3rd, 2007 by Author

See to it you never take more of Female Viagra than recommended.

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